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How to Apply Mycorrhizae Fertilizer ?

Germination is the most critical period in a plant’s life. Unfortunately, up to 90% of seeds will fail to sprout due to a lack of proper nutrients. Mycorrhizae is a type of fungi that attaches to the roots of plants and helps them absorb nutrients. This symbiotic relationship allows the plant to grow faster and more […]

Benefits of using Mycorrhizae fungi as a Root Enhancer

Mycorrhizae Plants that live in difficult environments evolve systems to help them survive. These include physical traits like thickened, tiny, or narrow leaves to prevent water loss, decrease the plant’s growth rate, and establish a tolerance for high salinity and low nutrition levels. Creating mutually beneficial (symbiotic) interactions between plant roots and soil-borne organisms such […]

Benefits of using Mycorrhizae based fertilizer

Mycorrhizae fungi is a powerful biological organism which works with your plant. It attaches itself to the roots and grows out into the soil like a web. It absorbs nutrients and water from the soil and passes them on to the plant. The Plant in exchange, provides the mycorrhizae with carbohydrates and oxygen. This symbiotic […]