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In today’s modern world of agriculture, where gross margin and profitability are getting tighter, it is important to look at new technologies that will increase production and reduce cost. I am testing Mycogold mycorrhizal inoculant on soybeans in 2014. I reduced fertilizer input by 25%, irrigation water by 25% and still received 8%+ increase yield because of Mycogold seed inoculation.

– Alexander K. Ukraine

I was very surprised with the yield increase I got from using MycoGold Soybean Blend. When combining, the carts were filling up quicker than usual. I received an extra 10 bushels more on the MycoGold treated beans. Needless to say, I will be treating my whole field next year. Great Product!

– S. Cope , Iowa

“I’ve tried every type of pixie dust available to give our soybeans a boost. I didn’t really have high hopes using MycoGold but after receiving an extra 8 bushels per acre, I’m sold!

– Will W. Ohio

We are very pleased with the Mycogold inoculants test. We planted soybeans on May 6 in sandy river ground. We used a 12 row planter. 6 rows control and 6 rows Mycogold. The row width is 15 inches. Root inspection on August 6 on Mycogold shows a lot more and much larger roots. We received an additional 4 bushels per acre at harvest.

– S. Mitchem , Kentucky


“I planted corn on April 28 did not observe any difference in stalk size 75 days after planting between control and Mycogold. However, there was a significant difference in roots. There were many hairy roots on the Mycogold and root size was much larger. Yield increase averaged 11 bushels more on the MycoGold treated corn. Will definitely be using again.”

– George W. Brooks, Michigan

“I tested MycoGold Corn Blend this year. This was a very good year for corn with plenty of rain and I realized a record breaking average of 300 bushels per acre on the control field. Much to my surprise, the MycoGold treated corn produced an additional 17.6 bushels per acre more. Unbelievable. I will be treating my corn again with MycoGold.”

– John S., Wisconsin

“MycoGold consistently performs vs. control on our corn. We’ve completely removed starter from our inputs on MycoGold treated corn. It’s allowed us to cut back without sacrificing yield.”

– Pete W. Ohio

“We grow corn for silage. We have been using MycoGold for the last two years and are never disappointed. We consistently test different products and our dry conditions can be challenging. Every year MycoGold has outperformed all other products and measures two to three points higher on brix testing.”

– C. Garcia, Utah

“I have increased my usage of MycoGold on corn crops over last two years because of its yield performance. First year I received a 9% increase in yield. Last year we saw a 10% increase. Great product.”

– Sasha G., Ukraine


“I was reluctant to test Mycogold on my peanut crop. I am now very pleased that we conducted the test. My Mycogold peanuts look fantastic and I expect great results.”

– Chester H. Paris, Georgia

“I conducted a test plot using MycoGold on our peanuts. We started the season with a 23 inch rain. Then continued with normal rainfall until the last week in July. We then went 7 weeks with no rain at all . Finally mid September the drought broke, but the damage was done to the peanuts. Due to the drought , we were unable to accurately measure yield differences but I can confidently say the MycoGold treated peanuts were visually bigger and whiter. MycoGold treated peanuts were also a higher quality peanut. My greatest endorsement for the MycoGold Peanut Inoculant would be that I will most definitely be treating my peanuts with this product again next year.”

– J. Fidler Fidler Farms, Silverhill AL

“I treated my peanuts with MycoGold Peanut Inoculant this year for the first time. The results were dramatic vs. control. We had a dry mid and end of the season and the MycoGold treated plants showed less signs of stress than untreated. My goal each year is to yield high grade peanuts and MycoGold performed great producing seg 1 peanuts. Not only were the MycoGold treated peanuts of high grade, they also came in 200lbs/10% more than control. I will be using MycoGold again next year.”

-T. Carter Rhine, GA


“I treated my cotton with MycoGold Cotton Blend with great results. I received a 10% increase in yield over control. This field was most difficult area of my farm to grow crops and the MycoGold treated cotton field actually produced. I will use again for sure.”

– T. Carter Rhine, GA

“Mycogold is a fantastic product. There is a big difference between Mycogold treated cotton and untreated. I received a 9% yield increase.”

– P Harrison, Mississippi


Sorghum crop looks good. Mycogold treated roots looks stronger ­­much more hairy roots. We achieved an 8% yield increase. This is a low cost input product that is sure to be part of our future plans.

– Sherly E., Texas


“We have been using MycoGold Wheat Blend on 40% of our winter wheat for the last few years. It has consistently outperformed control by 10%­15% every year. Money well spent.”

– Sasha G., Ukraine

“We tested 25 acres of Spring Wheat using the MycoGold Wheat Blend with very good results. We achieved an increase in yield of 10% over control. The quality of the wheat was also very good. 14.2% protein, Height 36”

– G. Feldmore, CA

“I’ve been growing wheat for over 25 years and I have never had better germination and a better stand than the wheat treated with MycoGold this past year.”

– S. Byrd, Vernon, UT