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Microbes in soil?

  • Healthy soil biology is essential for robust and productive agricultural systems
  • A teaspoon of healthy soil contains billions of bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms
  • These microbes provide valuable nutrition to roots for healthier crops and increased yield

Aren’t Fertilizers enough?

  • Chemical based fertilizers kill these microbes over time leading to an imbalance in the soil biology 

  • This results in the soil becoming “barren” leading to a greater dependence on chemical based fertilizers

  • Chemical based fertilizers prevent growth of natural microbes resulting in further depletion and greater chemical dependency

Harmful effects of Chemical Fertilizers

  • Higher longer term financial costs due to degradation of soil quality
  • Human cost with increased carcinogens being introduced
  • Increased use of pesticides & insecticides
  • Environmental costs with air, water & soil pollution

Mycorrhizal Benefits

  • Only known fungal system
  • Increases root surface area for better absorption of nutrients & water
  • Compatible with most crops & rejected by most weeds

What is in our products?

After almost a whole year in research, the MycoGold Research Team developed a blend of Mycorrhizae specifically for the Cannabis and Hemp plants.

Beneficial microbes that work to deliver the exact nutrients you plant needs





The ideal inert binder to ensure our Mycorrhizae bonds securely to the roots





Immediately available dose of nutrients to jump-start plant growth





Mycorrhizal inoculants increases plant’s root network

Mycorrhizal inoculants is a type of fungus that lives underground and forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants. This mutually beneficial relationship allows both partners to benefit from each other. The fungus colonizes the roots of plants, providing them with nitrogen and other nutrients. In return, the plant provides the fungus with carbohydrates that it produces through photosynthesis. The word “myco” comes from the Greek word for fungus, while “rhizae” refers to the root system of plants.

Mycorrhizae fungus significantly expands the root system by creating a network of hyphae that extend into the soil. The hyphae absorb nutrients and water from the soil and pass them along to the plant’s roots. In return, the plant provides carbohydrates to feed the fungus. This allows both partners to get more nutrients from their environment than they would be able to reach on their own.

The fungus also helps its host plant by protecting it from pathogens and parasites. Mycorrhizal inoculants fungi have the ability to produce antibiotics that inhibit the growth of other fungi and bacteria, which can be harmful for plants. The mycorrhizae also help increase water and nutrient uptake by producing chemicals that break down organic matter in the soil into smaller molecules that are easier for plants to absorb.

Mycorrhizae fungi provide many benefits to the plants they live on and other surrounding organisms. The fungus provides nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen that are needed by plants in order for them to grow properly, but not all of these elements can be absorbed directly through plant roots. Mycorrhizal inoculants absorbs these nutrients and then transfers them to the plant through a network of hyphae. This allows the plant to take up more nutrients than it could otherwise. The mycorrhizal inoculants fungi also have many beneficial effects on surrounding soil environments. They help break down decaying organic material such as leaves and dead roots into smaller particles that are easier for plants

This extension of the root system allows plants access to more water and nutrients than they would be able to get on their own. It also makes it easier for them to compete with other plants for resources like soil nutrients or water supply.

Benefits of Mycorrhizal Fungi

The relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and plants is not one-sided. The fungi also benefit from their association with plants. They are able to access food sources, such as sugars produced by photosynthesis, that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The symbiotic relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and plants is one of the most important mutualistic relationships on Earth. Without this relationship, many plant species would not be able to survive in nutrient-poor environments.

 Mycorrhizal fungi are also important for the health of forests. The fungi help plants grow faster, which increases the amount of carbon dioxide that is removed from the atmosphere and stored as biomass. This can help offset human-induced climate change by reducing global warming. As a result, mycorrhizal fungi are considered one of the most important biological agents for mitigating climate change.

Mycorrhizal fungi are responsible for helping plants access nutrients, water and other resources that they need to survive. Without these fungi, many plant species would not be able to grow in nutrient-poor soils or under stressful conditions such as drought. Mycorrhizal fungi for sale play a vital role in the health of forests and other ecosystems. They are often used as an indicator of soil health, as they are sensitive to environmental changes such as drought and pollution. Mycorrhizal fungi can also be used to restore degraded soils by making them more productive again.

Mycorrhizal inoculants are particularly effective when growing in poor soils where there are fewer nutrients available for plant growth. However, using mycorrhizae can also be useful even in soils with good levels of nutrients because it will help your plants access those nutrients more effectively than they would otherwise be able


If you are looking to utilize the power of mycorrhizae to enhance nutrient intake and protect your crop, you need to procure GoldenMyco. GoldenMyco is the leading brand of mycorrhizae that has been specifically designed and blended to work best wit the cannabis plant. MycoGold, the company that developed the blend, has been doing this for over 25 years. They have been successfully building crop-specific mycorrhizae blends for conventional agriculture – Corn Blend, Soybean Blend, Cotton, Wheat and so on. MycoGold’s success is worldwide. They have been exporting their products for 25 years and are one of the most the trusted US brands in the agriculture industry.

To service the cannabis industry, GoldenMyco was launched in 2020 and was designed to best deliver nutrients for the cannabis plant. In two years GoldenMyco has risen to be one of the largest and most trusted mycorrhizae based soil inoculant within the cannabis growing community.

The primary reason GoldenMyco has seen such success is due the high level quality controls GoldenMyco has incorporated into their complete end-to-end processes – starting from production all the way to Customer delivery and satisfaction. GoldenMyco has the highest concentration of mycorrhizae in blend than any other product in the available in the market. With 3.5×10² viable propagules per ounce, no other competitor even comes close.

GoldenMyco believes in complete transparency and provides their valued Customers complete and full insight into their product. In this highly competitive market, there are hardly any products that provide full disclosure and insight as GoldenMyco does.

To fully complement the mycorrhizae in GoldenMyco, the Team has developed another product “Complex Bio-Carb”. Complex BIO-Carb is a super concentrate of nutrients which the mycorrhizae in GoldenMyco love. These nutrients, mainly an additional carbon source is like offering a twelve-course meal for the mycorrhizae in GoldenMyco, resulting in better plant growth at the most crucial growth cycles which increases production. Providing Nitrogen is great, but did you know that soil bacteria need 24 times more carbon than Nitrogen? Complex Bio-Carb is a complex amino humic acid, enriched with natural Nitrogen, all in chelated form, ready for plant intake.

GoldenMyco and Complex Bio-Carb is the ideal combination your plants need. This one-two punch strategy is a definite winner and will provide the positive results you need for your plants to be supercharged, productive and profitable at.