“Supreme mycorrhizae based soil inoculants for every crop”

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Microbes in soil?

  • Healthy soil biology is essential for robust and productive agricultural systems
  • A teaspoon of healthy soil contains billions of bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms
  • These microbes provide valuable nutrition to roots for healthier crops and increased yield

Aren’t Fertilizers enough?

  • Chemical based fertilizers kill these microbes over time leading to an imbalance in the soil biology 

  • This results in the soil becoming “barren” leading to a greater dependence on chemical based fertilizers

  • Chemical based fertilizers prevent growth of natural microbes resulting in further depletion and greater chemical dependency

Harmful effects of Chemical Fertilizers

  • Higher longer term financial costs due to degradation of soil quality
  • Human cost with increased carcinogens being introduced
  • Increased use of pesticides & insecticides
  • Environmental costs with air, water & soil pollution

Mycorrhizal Benefits

  • Only known fungal system
  • Increases root surface area for better absorption of nutrients & water
  • Compatible with most crops & rejected by most weeds

What is in our products?

After almost a whole year in research, the MycoGold Research Team developed a blend of Mycorrhizae specifically for the Cannabis and Hemp plants.

Beneficial microbes that work to deliver the exact nutrients you plant needs





The ideal inert binder to ensure our Mycorrhizae bonds securely to the roots





Immediately available dose of nutrients to jump-start plant growth