Benefits of using Mycorrhizae based fertilizer

Mycorrhizae fungi is a powerful biological organism which works with your plant. It attaches itself to the roots and grows out into the soil like a web. It absorbs nutrients and water from the soil and passes them on to the plant. The Plant in exchange, provides the mycorrhizae with carbohydrates and oxygen. This symbiotic relationship between the plants and mycorrhizae has been naturally perfected over several million years.

  1. Increased water and nutrition absorption – The Mycorrhizae fungi has a higher nutrition absorption capacity than the root hair of a plant. So when it attaches itself to the roots of the plants it carries water and nutrients from the soil to the roots of the plants and in return the plant provides carbohydrates that it absorbs from its leaves directly to the Mycorrhizae. 
  2. Resistance to diseasesMycorrhizal plants are more resistant to soil borne pathogens. Mycorrhizas excrete enzymes that are toxic to soil based organisms. The inoculation with plants also activates its defense system increasing the plants immune system.
  3. Resistance to insects – The underground interconnected root system that is created by plants with Mycorrhizae fungi helps the plants to produce a warning signal, when attacked by an aphid, that can help protect the uninfected plants.

Types of Mycorrhizae fungi

  1. Endomycorrhizal fungi – Forms symbiotic relationship with 85% of the plants. Penetrates into the root cortex and creates a nutrition exchange system within the roots itself

2. Ectomycorrhizal fungi – Forms symbiotic relationship with 10% of the plants. Does not penetrated the root of the plant but forms a sheath around the root and nutrient exchange structures known as ‘Hartig net’

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